Good morning beloved customers and patriots!   

Today you can change the course of your decks future; you can decide you’re fed up with your deck looking old, dry, splintered and weathered. You can decide old solutions of pressure washing alone don’t produce the results you demand. You can ensure your deck will be protected through the harsh winter now and for generations to come. Elect change- Our specialized sanding process is bi-partisan as it has won the endorsement of hundreds of our customers as well as Consumer Reports.

In the June Consumer Reports issue, they recommended that decks be sanded after they are low pressure washed and before they are treated with seal or stain. Our sanding system uses patented carbide brush technology to remove the dead, loose soft fibers from your decks surface. Deck sanding results in a more even, smoother, cleaner, fresher and healthier appearance. Our sanding process does NOT cause gridlock and deck party shutdowns, due to splinters, the way drum sanders which chew up your good deck wood do.    

My crews and I have the experience to lead, we have a proven track record of over 15,000 customers in over 20 years. As the air is becoming cooler my hardworking, dedicated technicians are working dawn to dusk to ensure our beloved customers decks are cleaned and protected before the winter arrives.

In a era where all that matters is results, you can trust me that your deck will look better than you can ever remember. With the damaging affects of winter right around the corner, rest assured we are ready and willing to fight the mold and mildew battle now, then sand and protect your deck saving you time and treasure.

I promise we will say what we’ll do and do what we say. As integrity, is doing the right thing when no one is looking.  These are the values which have sustained our business