Welcome To Northern Virginia’s Premiere Deck Cleaning, Pressure Washing, Deck Restoration Service Company

Over 20 years ago, WashMyDeck.com was founded by then high school student, Steve Chapman. While other kids in his neighborhood were mowing lawns and delivering newspapers, Steve decided to stand out by offering a different service. Too young to own a driver’s license, Steve marched up and down his Northern Virginia neighborhood, his pressure washing machine and hoses in tow, searching for customers who wanted to restore and protect their deck’s natural beauty. Steve’s passion, work ethic and commitment to excellence helped transform his business from its humble beginnings to an established, reputable, industry recognized company with over 22,000 customers.

Corporate Contacts

WashMyDeck is proud to have served Shoney’s Restaurants, Damon’s Restaurants, Circuit City, Dunkin’ Donuts, Copin State, Morgan State University, The Home Depot, Trammel Crow Property Management and the United States Postal Service.

Government Contracts

In year 2000, WashMyDeck.Com’s parent company National Home Improvement of Va, Inc received one of our highest compliments by earning a contract with Arlington National Cemetery. WashMyDeck.Com has cleaned and maintained 200,000 tombstones at Arlington as well as serving John F. Kennedy & Robert F. Kennedy gravesites, the Memorial Amphitheater and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

“Commited To Our Northern Virginia Community”

We support organizations such as Rotary International, Catholic Charities, Buglars Across America, American Diabetes Association and The March of Dimes. WashMyDeck.Com management and employees continue to contribute both their time and financial support to make our community cleaner, stronger, and safer.

“Pressure washing for me is like giving a deck a new lease on life” – Steve Chapman