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deck sanding

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Benefits of Our Deck Sanding System For Your Deck:
  • Deck sanding can mitigate years of neglect, age and wear and tear
  • Evens out color from preexisting stains
  • Removes many existing stains without the use of harsh chemicals
  • Removes loose soft fibers giving the deck a revitalized and fresh appearance (excellent for older, drier decks)
  • Smooth rough edges, protects people and pet’s hands feet and paws
  • Allows for better acceptance and richer appearance of seals and stain
  • Identifies boards that may need repair or replacement

What parts of the deck do you sand?

Top of railings, floor, benches, stairs

How Often Does My Deck Need To Be Sanded?

About every 5 years or every other deck stain 

What are the dark and light grains in your decking?

They are the rings on a tree, the dark are hard fibers, the lighter are soft fibers. Soft fibers that are aged and possibly neglected will cause the deck to look old, dry weathered. The resulting appearance of the soft fibers after deck sanding is what makes for the dramatic difference from the sanding service.

Is Their Any Cost Savings In Deck Sanding?

Stains will last and look better longer, resulting in less repairs long-term and less maintenance expenses

When it Comes To Deck Sealing, Will it Look Better Because of Deck Sanding?

Yes, our sanding service removes a lot of the dead, soft fibers that make the natural lines in your deck appear dirty. By sanding first, then applying a clear sealer, the deck will look much more fresh and clean.

Will My Deck Stain Or Deck Seal Look Better Because of Deck Sanding?

Deck Stain adheres to what ever deck material it is on, as wood ages soft fibers loosen and deteriorate causing rough appearance and dry look, by removing soft loose, dead fibers the appearance is restored thus allowing the stain to penetrate and protect the healthiest part of your deck. Deck Sanding is safe for pressure treated pine, redwood, cedar and exotic hardwoods

What Is Different About Your Deck Sanding System?

Our system uses patented carbide brushes that scrubs the crevices of the wood to remove only the loose soft fibers. The sander will only take what the wood will give. This means there may be more wood fibers yielded on an older, dry deck so the sanding results will be more pronounced. Deck Sanding results in clean lines, smooth service and beautiful “like new” appearance. That said, deck sanding is not deck planning, it will not re-square the wood or level out all the grains in the wood.

Most pressure washing companies will not sand because they do not have the expertise or the equipment. If they do, they will use a drum sander. A drum sander can cause permanent damage to the wood if it is used by an inexperienced person. Drum sanders will tear into anything it touches, good and bad wood. Because decking is uneven you will typically get an uneven sanding and discolored results. The appearance of a deck after a drum sanding will look like a “zebra” where untouched wood is dark and sanded areas are light.


What Others Have Said About Our Deck Sanding System

“I never thought my deck could look this good again.” “I cant believe what a difference your sanding system makes on my old deck.” “Now the deck has been sanded, I feel safe walking barefoot.” “This is the best investment I have made in my deck, and the results are profound and immediate.”