Steve Chapman, Founder and Deck Cleaning Guru

The greatest honor.

Wash My Deck and our Deck Cleaning Guru’s have had the honor of Cleaning President John F. Kennedy’s Gravesite as well as the Memorial Amphitheatre, the Columbarium, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier as well as 150,000 headstones annually.

There is no better view in the world than watching the sun peek over the top of the capital building, Washington Monument and the Lincoln memorial in the morning. This is our view on Thursday as we clean President Kennedys grave.

National Geographic even featured our employees in a book, Where Valor Rests  about Arlington National Cemetery.



Over our life in business we have seen decking products come and go, we have seen fads start and play their way out. Several years ago the composite manufacturer Trex was sued because they advertised their product as “maintenance free.”  The buyers of their product and the courts disagreed. The result of the lawsuit was to hire a mitigation firm to assess and treat their decks in our region. We were honored to be the company to do this work. Since we have been asked to look at possible warranty issues by other composite manufacturers.

Our Story

Over 20 years ago, was founded by then high school student, Steve Chapman. While other kids in his neighborhood were mowing lawns and delivering newspapers, Steve decided to stand out by offering a different service. Too young to own a driver’s license, Steve marched up and down his Northern Virginia neighborhood, his pressure washing machine and hoses in tow, searching for customers who wanted to restore and protect their deck’s natural beauty. Steve’s passion, work ethic and commitment to excellence helped transform his business from its humble beginnings to an established, reputable, industry recognized company with over 20,000 customers.

Deck Cleaning Guru’s at work at Arlington National Cemetery


Our Bread and Butter

Beautifying, Protecting and Restoring several thousand decks per year. We specialize in Deck Restoration. Water blasting and Pressure Washing can cause permanent expensive damage to your deck. Anyone can rent a machine and call themselves a “pressure washer” but knowing what to look at, analyze, diagnose, educate and help people to enhance their favorite outdoor living space is an entirely different level of service. We specialize in all species of decking. IPE, Cedar, Redwood, Pine, Composite Decks.

Size has its privileges

In 2009 the Deck Stain Manufacturers followed California Standards for Deck Stain volatile organic compounds (VOC) laws. This kept manufacturers from having two types of processes and facilities. This shift is what caused nearly all stains to go from a oil based product to a water based product. Because Wash My Deck is the largest by volume deck stain purchaser, Benjamin Moore brought our Management to New Jersey to show us their new products and had us test their new line for an entire season before it was released and renamed for the general public. Now, many other stain manufacturers will ask us to try new lines of stains.

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