About IPE and Other Hardwood Care

Ipe decks have become increasingly popular in Northern Virginia, DC and Maryland the last decade. They are simply beautiful. We annually service over 200 IPE and Mahogany decks on Urban DC Roof tops, majestic views on the edge of Blue Ridge Mountains, on the shores of the Potomac. My eyes light up when I see them because most people don’t realize what they have, and how amazing they will look finished. They look like furniture outside. if a customer does know then their contractor did not tell them the maintenance involved to keep up their incredible appearance. Here are some must do tips to ensure your deck keeps its beauty.

  1. Ipe is very dense, heavy wood. It will live longer than you and I.

2. You cannot apply big box brand stains. If you do it will cover the natural beauty of the wood and will come off in short order. We use a special rosewood oil especially made to penetrate Ipe.

3. Your deck will turn gray in a year and need recoating there is no way around it. You don’t want to add color to the stain (which would add UV protection) but ruin the appearance.

4. Do not stain Ipe when the pollen is falling. The yellow will stick to the stain and look like a yellow highlighter.

5. The deck must be completely dry and cannot rain for at least 48 hours. Tempt the weather Gods at your own peril.

6. The time period between washing and staining must be short like a week to no more than two weeks. Because Ipe grays quickly. We sand each deck before we apply the stain so it can be a little longer but we expedite these jobs to get them done quickly.


“The job you guys did on our IPE deck is in one word, PHENOMENAL!”

“Your dry cleaning technique to remove the silver/gray and leftover bad stain job is amazing and the Penofin rose oil came out looking fantastic. Our deck honestly has never looked better even when it was new! We’re happy to serve as reference for Elite to all of your potential exotic hardwood customers.

The only other company we found that does exotic woods is in Maryland. They are twice the cost and don’t employ the same techniques you do.

Good luck with this side of your business and thanks again for a terrific job.”

Forest Stewardship CertifiedOther Ipe long-lasting advantages

  • No pretreatment preservatives/chemicals required
  • Forest Stewardship CertifiedNaturally resistant to rot, decay and insect infestation
  • Resistant to mold, mildew


IBAMA (Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources) strictly regulates forests in Brazil and many forests are also FSC certified forests, keeping forests renewable through selective harvesting and management.

Look for the FSC symbol (Shown To The Right)


Standard procedures and products used by inexperienced power deck washing service companies could damage Ipe and other exotic hardwood wood decks.At WashMyDeck.com, we have studied and learned about using specific procedures and products like Penofin for providing specialized service required.

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