Power Wash House

Low Pressure Soft Washing

Wash My Deck uses a combination low pressure, detergent and a soft bristle brush to power wash house.

Our House Washing system maximizes cleanliness and eliminates the risk damage to siding from high pressure washing.

house wash

House Power Wash before and after

The areas of your home we clean include: All vinyl, aluminum, stucco and hardy plank siding, trim, soffits, window frames and exterior gutters are cleaned as part of a standard service. The windows and doors are cleaned as well but not squeegeed.
The detergent we use is proprietary but does include a bleach additive. The bleach additive is necessary to kill the black mold and green algae and ensures it does not grow back quickly.
Interior and Exterior Gutter Cleaning: If the interior of the gutters is in need of cleaning we suggest that the cleaning of the gutters is done prior to doing a house wash. Some gutters have black streaks which are NOT removed during a normal powerwash house. If black streaks are a concern of yours we call this service gutter degreasing.
Gutter degreasing: is done with a stronger detergent the use of a soft bristle brush by hand. Not all gutters can be cleaned completely with this method and sometimes, painting or replacement is necessary.

Your Expectations: A normal house wash will remove Black Mold, Green Algae/ Moss and dirt. Washing will not remove rust stains, oxidation, egg stains or ivy that may be on the siding. The house wash consists of cleaning from the ground to the soffits.


Excessive Pressure from Powerwash House

The efficiency of our Exclusive Soft-Washing System makes us the ideal company for all types of sidings such as vinyl, aluminum, brick, stucco, cedar, and even painted surfaces.

Benefits of our Soft-Washing System include:

  • Low-pressure cleaning to protect your investment
  • 100% kill ratio on mold, mildew, and algae keeping your property cleaner for a longer period of time
  • Environmentally responsible cleaning products.
  • Preparation for painting

Myths about Home Exterior Washing

Is hot water is better? While hot water increases cleaning efficiency (3% for every 20 degrees in heat). Efficiency makes the job quicker it does not make it better for house pressure washing. Consumers end up paying more for a faster, potentially less thorough service. This increased efficiency comes at a risk to homeowners as it make all cleaning detergents more potent.

Hot Wax treatment? We believe hot wax to be a scam at worst but a disservice at best for house pressure washing. The hot wax is charge is typically $69 to $99 for this application. If a wax is used at all. If a wax is used by a company what we have found is that dirt collects around the beads of water leaving a speckled look on the siding, aluminum siding can be stained with this speckled look permanently. We have never seen any evidence of the wax keeping the mildew or mold from growing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the house wash process take?

Typically 1.5 to 2 hours

How do you protect my plants and shrubs

We protect plants and shrubs in two ways: First, we rinse the plants with clean water before and after the application of solution. in some cases we will use tarps to protect plants and shrubs. We do not use plastic, because plastic has a tendency to act as a magnifying glass and cook plants they are intended to protect. In the middle of the summer heat, water has on occasion to cause flowers to wilt, they do not die.

Requirements of home owner?

House water ON OUTSIDE, Windows CLOSED and Gate UNLOCKED

Our House Wash System: enhances aesthetics of the home, with low cost and great impact. Another benefit to houses washes is it can help people with allergies since our system kills mold and mildew on the outside before it goes inside the home

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Our Washing System

Safeguards Your Home

  1. Prevent damage to homes: inspection of condition prior to washing to identify pre-existing damage and addressing areas of concern for homeowner; low pressure house wash
  2. Prevent or minimize water infiltration: low pressure house wash
  3. Prevent damage to other homeowner’s properties: use of tarps to prevent overspray and damage to surrounding property, plants and shrubs

5-Step House

Pressure Washing System

  1. Inspect the home look for damaged siding, open windows, particular areas of customer concern of grime and mildew build up
  2. Apply detergent
  3. Scrub areas where needed
  4. Rinse home of detergent
  5. Inspect work