Deck Restoration

The Heart and Soul of our Company

No matter how bad you think your deck is, you can save $1,000’s by having your deck restored. Trust us we’ve seen nearly 50,000 decks and serviced half of them.

While Every deck is different, there is a combination of six services that are deck restoration and will help you to “Fall in Love with your deck all over again!”

  • Stripping
  • Washing
  • Sanding
  • Board Replacements
  • Sealing
  • Staining

You may need a light washing or a complete overhaul. The best way to learn is by having one of our deck gurus come out to provide you a FREE 12 point inspection. We’d love for you to be home, but you don’t even have to.

Our Deck Restoration Technicians Will Restore, Protect, And Preserve Your Deck Investment For Years Of Enjoyment.

Deck restoration consists of three main components: Restore, Protect & Preserve.


Pressure treated pine, Redwood, Cedar, Ipe and other exotic hardwood decking.

Washing: By first using a deck brightener, we are able to safely remove hazardous mold, mildew and algae from your decking using less pressure and less water, thus restoring a beautiful, natural appearance.

Sanding: Takes years of wear from your deck by removing the loose soft fibers that cause your deck to look old and dry. Our carbide brush system will not chew up good wood as a drum sander will. This service includes knocking in nails and sanding of all horizontal surfaces.

Stripping: Chemically removes old semitransparent stains to ensure the final result is even. This process includes a neutralizer to ensure the chemical is not continuing to strip after a new stain has been applied.


Professional Custom Deck Stain

  • Penetrating finish
  • Choose between clear or color stain
  • Color stain guaranteed for 36 months
  • Applied by brush, rollers and spray
  • Siding protected
  • Bushes covered
  • Guaranteed to protect against UV sun damage
  • Added protection against mold and mildew
  • Can be upgraded to solid stain


Proper deck annual maintenance reduces costly repairs and ensures your decks enduring beauty for years to come!

We strongly recommend our annual deck cleaning every year after Deck Restoration.

Wash My Deck’s annual deck maintenance service includes:

  • 12 point structural and wood condition inspection
  • Deck cleaning includes FREE deck brightener
  • Exclusive specials on other services
  • Convenient, priority scheduling
  • No contracts or commitments

Don’t let the elements ruin your deck, contact us TODAY!

First off, thank you for coming out to discuss our project.  It was great to get your opinion of the condition of the deck and your answers to some of my questions.  I appreciated your candor and, to return the favor, I can honestly say that you seem like someone I’d want to do business with (unlike some of the other people who came to give us estimates on the deck).

Suneil Vallabh

Vienna, VA

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