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How would you rate your decks current condition?

All of the information that we gather will be taken into account so that we are able to give YOU an assessment with YOUR best options for caring for YOUR deck. Not all decks are the same, and they cannot all be cared for the same way.

1. Amount of sun– If your deck is in a shady area, or North-facing it’s chances of growing algae and mold are much higher.

2. Tree canopy– If the trees in the area hang over the deck it may not get enough sunshine to be able to dry appropriately and will likely grow mold.

3. The condition of the wood– The inspector will look for rotted, dry, cracked, or warping boards, as well as any nail pops that need to be hammered back down.
4. Previous care of the deck– We will note whether the deck has been regularly maintained or needs some restoration.
5. Type of wood (species)- Different types of woods require different care and maintenance.

6. Is the deck on the ground or above the ground– Can the wood breathe when it gets wet or does it stay wet?

Deck Restoration Before

7. Size of the deck– With these measurements we are able to price services to your deck specifically, as opposed to offering general price ranges.

8. Age of the wood– Pressure-treated wood impregnated with chromatid copper arsenate (CCA) – often with a greenish tint – was widely used for decks and porches prior to its being discontinued for residential use in 2003-2004. Since treated wood has a long lifespan, there is still plenty of CCA pressure-treated wood surrounding residences, prompting caution due to its arsenic content.

9. Has the deck seen any previous stains or seals?- Once we know what products have been previously used on the deck, we are able to let

We can save you 1000’s, restore it for many more years of enjoyment!

you know what options you have as far as picking products to use in the future.

10. If so, what type (penetrating finish or film) solid or semi-transparent? – A solid will cover a semi-transparent, but a semi-transparent will not cover a solid. You can put an water-based product on to another water-based product, but not onto an oil-based product. By determining what products have been used on your wood before, we will be able to give you options tailored specifically to your deck.
11. What is surrounding the deck– bushes, patio, pool
12. What is attached to the deck– lattice, steps, pergola
Let us help you fall in love with your deck all over again!
Thank you for the work that you have done. We LOVE our new (20 year old) deck!
Burke, Va


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