Hey there my fellow weekend warrior,


DIY Power washers, even decks like this can be restored

I’m glad you’re here! You probably just looked at your deck and said “EEK, my deck is a mess.” you then visited Google because you want to tame the deck beast yourself before the next bar b que or before you’re forced to fork over serious cash on deck replacement.

DIY Power washers, I don’t blame you. Trends show that people are going out less and staying home more. There is no better place to spend 3 seasons of the year outside than on your deck.



Hi I’m Steve. I’ve spent my entire life pressure washing (at least 24 years of it.) My company Wash My Deck literally gets over 10,000’s of calls per year to request us to perform deck work on a home. But we only service about 3,000 per year. Clearly, not everyone who calls schedules the work. It’s hard to believe but some end up doing it themselves. Later, usually on a Monday morning, we will get panicked calls.

“I think I may have used too much pressure”,

“My husband tore up our deck”

                                                          “There is stain on my deck and now on my siding.”

Those endings are never happy.


Before you blast away like a little kid with a giant super soaker, let’s get this project done right

I’m here to help you Restore YOUR Deck YOURSELF


What! That sounds crazy, My CPA doesn’t teach me how to do my taxes. My barber doesn’t teach me how to cut my own hair.

We’re different! I want to teach you my ninja techniques, Jedi secrets and tips from my 24 years of experience in deck cleaning and restoration that will keep YOU safe and your deck’s glory the talk of your next get together.

I want to give you the answers to your top questions:

Do I need to restore, replace or maintain my deck?

What kind of machine should I rent or buy, how much will it cost?

What tools and equipment should I buy, how much will it cost?

How many weekends should it take, what is my time worth?

What techniques should I use to make sure I don’t damage my wood?

I’ve already spoon fed you a list all the supplies, their costs, even the isle you will find them at Home Depot.

Remember the cost alone for washing your deck yourself was over $140.

Here’s my answer to the rest of your questions…..It depends….. because every deck is different. They are different sizes, different ages, different quality of lumber, amounts of previous care and treatments, they receive different amounts of sun and shade, is it ground level or above the ground, enclosed or exposed…it all makes a difference on what you will and can do next! And I can’t give you the answer over the phone or in an email. I have to go look at your deck.

I know you’re bound and determined to ride this bronco but let me come out FIRST and give you a FREE 12 point assessment (it’s a GPS to set you on the right coarse before you begin.) I promise it will be done in less than 3 days and you don’t even need to be home.

Your DIY Deck Project Starts HERE

I realize some of you may feel guilty about having me come to your home knowing you won’t use my service, but you really value the 12 point assessment I provide.

While others want to see what deck service really costs and just want to compare how much you save by doing it yourself (then brag to your friends and family!)

That’s ok, I don’t mind because

Deck cleaning without protection

Deck work can be dangerous I want to teach you how to keep both you and your deck safe. Please get your FREE 12 point assessment and get your project started.

When I complete it, you will receive an email with

  • All the options and recommendations for YOUR deck
  • As well as my FREE course “Weekend Warriors Guide On How-to Restore your Deck”

Sound Fair?  Please fill out the form above to get started on your next DIY project

Here is what some other epic weekend warriors have said:

“Washing my deck then staining it in the heat was a terrible experience. It would have been longer and worse if I didn’t have a step by step plan to get it done, thank you Steve.”

Dan M. Clifton, Va



“I bought my house a few years ago, my deck looked grey and dingy. I appreciated your assessment because you showed me that my deck was Ipe and how the store brands wouldn’t work in treating my wood as well as how to care for my deck going forward, it was a lot of work but it’s beautiful now, thanks!”

Gabriel P. Arlington, Va

“My deck had an ugly solid color on it, I was just going to strip it and restain it but I learned from you that stripping doesn’t work on solid stains and that I could wash it, sand it and stain it with another solid colored stain were the best options. Saved me a lot of time.”

David R. Annandale, Va




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Your DIY Deck Project Starts HERE

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