It’s that time of year again where homeowners are preparing their house for winter: they’re covering their pool, turning off outside water faucets, furnaces checked and their deck winterized.

Have you thought about how the winter affects your favorite outdoor living space?

Freezing rain, snow and ice will wreak havoc on an untreated deck. These elements leave a vulnerable deck with splinters, warping, cracking and other costly repairs.

Ensure your deck is cleaned and protected before the harsh winter arrives so you may continue having those treasured memory making moments on your deck for years to come. 

Not sure if your deck is protected or not?

Here is a simple water test that can save you $1000’s in repairs:

Fill a glass of water and toss (not pour) it on your dry deck, does it bead or sit on top of your deck? If so, your deck is in good shape for the winter.

If the water does not bead or soaks into the wood, stop what you’re doing and call or respond to this email. 

Those decks in dire need of protection before the snow, and ice arrives can seize upon our save your deck, save your wallet winterization special. $55 off a deck winterization

Thank you for your investment in your deck and my services in 2013. When you purchased your deck stain from my company Wash My, our service came with a 36 month prorated warranty. The warranty stated, In order to keep your deck stain warranty in full effect, an annual maintenance cleaning must be performed to prevent mold and algae from eating into the deck stain, causing it to prematurely fail.