After the brutal freezing winter and the blistering summer heat your deck has endured a lot!

You may be completely satisfied with the look of the stain we applied for you and not need a maintenance stain coat right now. But so you know, with your warranty, for any reason, whether it be to freshen up the look of your deck or repair scratches from a pet or dragging furniture, you are entitled to 66% off our regular prices when you schedule by the end of the year.

If you do not wish a maintenance stain coat this year, so long as you get your maintenance cleaning this year, you would be eligible for maintenance stain coat in 2015 for 33% off. If you elect not to maintain your deck warranty with a annual maintenance deck cleaning this year, your warranty would be void in the future.

Sometimes we have a warm November other times the winter set in cold early so in those years we close early for the season. Its best preserve your warranty and schedule your annual deck maintenance wash NOW and ensure your deck is protected and great savings endure for years to come.