Roof Cleaning

Specializing in Asphalt Composition Roof Cleaning Services in Northern Virginia

One of the pillars on which we have built our excellent reputation is the great roof cleaning services we offer. Yet, how do you quantify what makes one roof cleaning so much better than another? Mostly, this difference comes from expertise and care. When you add in our access to exceptional, proprietary roof treatments, you have the ingredients for an exceptional roof cleaning experience.

Roof Cleaning

One of the common mistakes made by other roof cleaning firms is that they treat all roofs the same way. Regardless of whether it’s a

composition, tile, composite, metal or cedar shake roof, they want to apply their “one solution fits all” practice to all roof types.

Wash My Deck utilizes a Low-pressure system removes the stains without harming your shingles
  • There are huge differences in how the various roof types need to be maintained.
  • Even within the same roof material type, there are various methods that need to be used depending on your roof’s unique characteristics and its surrounding environment.
Here are the most common reasons for roof cleaning or roof treating:
Moss – One of the most common reasons for a full roof cleaning and treating.
Debris – This is hard to avoid in the Northern Virginia Area and can be a precursor to moss.
Algae – Less common by itself, but often accompanies moss, particularly below upper roof downspouts that empty onto a lower roof.
UV from sun exposure – Damages all roofs, but particularly cedar shake roofs.
Deterioration – Cedar roofs are subject to wood rot and insect infestation.
Aesthetics – The homeowner may simply be tired of an ugly roof (it can account for a major portion of the frontal view of your home) or in preparation for selling (increasing curb appeal.)


Roof Cleaning- Caked on Lichen

Wow, Look at the difference

Lichen – Lichen is a combination of an algae and a fungus. It can be found growing on roofs, pavers, rock walls, grave stones, sidewalks, outdoor cushions and other outdoor surfaces. Lichen is an invasive organism and may appear on surfaces as tiny, shrubby branches (fruticose) leafy structures (foliose), or in crusty patches (crustose). Lichens thrive on a combination of sunlight, carbon dioxide, water and minerals.


Is Lichen harmful? Should I remove it?

While lichen may appear to be harmless it can cause significant damage to outdoor surfaces over time. Lichen holds moisture against the surface; speeding up wear and tear. This can shorten the life of your roof or other outdoor surfaces.
This surface moisture may freeze in cold weather which can cause frost damage to asphalt shingles or other surfaces. As time goes on, your roof shingles may bend and warp. The lichen can penetrate your roof’s exterior causing the shingles to separate. This spells disaster for your roof!
Another reason to remove lichen growth is your homeowners insurance rates may increase. Your insurance company may send out an inspector to drive by your home to observe any changes. If the inspector sees a dirty, lichen-covered roof this may give them a reason to raise your rates or even cancel your policy. Over time, lichen can cause serious damage.
There are numerous methods that we employ for maintaining a roof, including several combinations of roof cleaning and treating.
My HOA was on my back about stains on my roof, so I looked into roof cleaning. It was much less expensive than replacement. Steve and his crews, walked through the process, were clean and performed excellent work removing all the stains from my roof. What a difference, my house looks great!
Jeremy H.

Gainesville, Va


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