Just Moved In- Your First Deck

Welcome to your new house! If you haven’t learned already, homes take regular maintenance to keep their value and remain beautiful.

After Wash on the Left, After Sanding on Right

I learned first hand in the last few months what regular preventive maintenance can do. You see, I spent some time down in Georgia help prepare her home for rent since she moved back to California. She is very tidy but a decade of neglected maintenance painting, power washing, staining and hardwood floor care resulted in around $30,000. Wow!

Whereas if she had done regular maintenance her total cost would have been half and spread over the 10 years. I’ve never really understood why people spend so much to sell their home when they could have spent that much to enjoy their home. I don’t want this for you. 

As a new deck owner let me show you how to care for your deck. You may be seeing the wood looking grey, a few boards may be turned up or nails popped. Don’t worry, trust my perspective. I look at over 3,000 decks each year, unless it is wobbly or you want to change the size of the deck it can be restored.

The first thing I would suggest is to call and get an 12 point deck evaluation. The evaluation will provide you a road map of where to go next and your options. To simplify, you have a combination of six options, this is all that can be done to a wooden deck

Ipe Teak Washing

After Stain- Beautiful!

1. Chemically Strip

2. Wash

3. Sanding

4. Stain

5. Deck seal

6. Board replacements

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