Has your HOA sent you a nasty gram?

After the snow and freezing rain wreak havoc on your home over the winter while you’ve been innocently bundled up inside naïve to the unsuspecting damage happening on the outside. Then early in the spring, your HOA sneaks around and dings you on your deck or fence or trim needing repairs or paint. They give you a number of days to correct or face stiff fines and litigation.

Even worse, if selling your home is not stressful enough, those same inspectors can keep your home from being sold if you don’t follow their rules.

We receive hundred of panicked phone calls every year to clean siding, stain a deck, power wash decking or fencing.  We work well with nearly every management company in the DC metro area. If we don’t know the manager personally, we will write a letter on your behalf to stay an execution of fines and punishment.

Is this you?

 If so, we always recommend starting with a FREE 12- point inspection because we don’t know what needs to be done unless we look at it first. Please fill out the form to your right!









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