Is my Deck Salvageable?

When deck owners wonder if their deck is salvageable its because they have done one of two things:

  1. Open their back door on the first nice weekend of Spring and shreeek.  Old man winter gave it a beat down the last few months, or
  2. They’ve kept the curtains closed for years because their deck looked so bad last time they looked.

Both have heard how much decks cost 10k to 70k depending on the size and materials used. Yikes

With the curtains closed or bundled up on your sofa, you don’t see that your deck has turned into playground for critters. Denial could cost you money or safety or resale of your home.

No matter the condition we can give you a straight answer on restoring your deck to the beauty it deserves and become your favorite outdoor living area.

It really doesn’t look much worse than the deck shown here. I don’t think its been maintained EVER.

As BAD as it gets

So what did we do? What did we see?

First, we went out and performed a 12pt deck inspection. The deck was NOT wabbly so structurally it was sound. It needed 3 boards replaced, washing, sanding and a semi transparent stain. Look at the difference!

Bam! Let’s Party


What was the cost to have this 200sqft deck professionally restored?

Washing- $97

Sanding- $272

Board replacements- $180

Stain- $316

Less than $900 to restore your deck versus $10,000 to replace

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